Berlin Germany

Berlin Germany

Berlin – Easy and definitive guide for your trip to Germany

Berlin is the capital of Germany and known for the countless possibilities of tourist attractions, being ideal for a quick stop or even for staying for more than a month.

Following this line, discover now the best travel tips to add to your guide or itinerary.

Lets go?

Where and how long to stay

Existing since the 13th century and used as a border division during the Cold War, the capital is divided into several regions, which can make life easier for tourists.

Among the main options for where to stay in Berlin are:

  • Central region or district (Mitte), concentration of attractions;
  • Moabit, a neighborhood close to the central region and the airport;
  • Friedrichhain-Kreuzberg, a district a little further from the center and close to attractions and bars.

Because it has a large concentration of subways, trains and buses, getting around Berlin is relatively simple, making it easy for tourists to get lost easily.

When it comes to how long to stay in Berlin, in Germany the answer is: it depends.

If you are passing through for a quick visit, the tip is to organize your itinerary to make the most of each day and get to know the main attractions.

However, if you have time, take the opportunity to visit the streets, various attractions, from the most to the lesser known, and take it easy on the itinerary.

The ideal is to stay at least five full days.

Things to do in Berlin – Top sights

Berlin is a state and capital of Germany that has around 3.5 million inhabitants and attracts millions more tourists a year.

Therefore, choosing the sights is always a challenge and you can end your trip with the feeling that much is left behind.

Due to the numerous possibilities, there are some almost mandatory stops, namely:

  • Brandenburg Gate, monument dating from the century. XVIII that demarcated the division of the city;
  • Reichstag Palace, with the famous 360-degree glass dome;
  • Museum Island comprising the Cathedral, Museum and Art Museum;
  • Berlin Wall, highlighting the East Side Gallery – a part that celebrates the fall of the wall with street art;
  • Berliner Dom, cathedral with tombs, dome and organ with more than seven thousand pipes;
  • Memorial to the Dead Jews in Europe, 2711 column area and underground exhibition hall;
  • Alexanderplatz; post-war square and landmark;
  • Moved from Pergamón, filled with antiques and Roman and Greek collections.

There are also a number of other museums and historical monuments scattered around the city, which can and should be visited, such as the Jewish Museum and the Oberbaumbrucke.

Where to eat in Berlin, Germany

Tourists from all over the world travel to Berlin and experience the local cuisine, although some prefer not to take such chances.

The truth is that there are countless options for restaurants, bars and the like for those who want to eat, whether local food or not.

Among the most sought after and considered affordable options for tourists are:

  • Flea market;
  • Lindner;
  • Augustiner;
  • Brauhaus Sudstern;
  • Coffee Brel Berlin;
  • All the stalls found on the street, which are many.

You can also choose to order a meal at the hotel or ask for tips and information from the staff, who mostly know the region of each tourist spot.

Traveling to Berlin – Documentation Required

Depending on the country you are in, a document type may be required.

Assuming that you are in Brazil, you will need a passport with at least six months of validity.

The maximum length of stay is 90 days, or three months, and therefore it is not necessary to present a visa.

In addition, it is essential that you have round-trip tickets, hotel reservations, life insurance, up-to-date vaccination card and proof of financial resources at hand.

This documentation works as proof that you are just a tourist who wants to know and enjoy everything that Berlin has to offer in the best possible way.

Note: Many people and websites guarantee that some of these documents will not be needed or requested.

Although this may happen, it is ideal that you have all the documentation at hand, to avoid any kind of inconvenience during your vacation.


Finally, after knowing all this about Berlin, Germany, what are you waiting for?

Start organizing your travel guide right now and guarantee a peaceful vacation, full of stories, sights and lots of discoveries.

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