Investment is not only for the rich, Investing will also make you rich

Investment is not only for the rich. This myth is very common.

Making investment is only possible for the rich. Do you think or have you thought like that?

On this site we will have a series of articles about profitable investments that will make you review your investment concepts and discover how to put money into stocks and among other types of investments in a simple and easy way.

One of the common myths when we think about investing in stocks is that it only works for people who already have effective wealth and need to further increase what they already have.

It is also possible to observe that some people think that those who earn a common income and have a common profession do not have the possibility to earn much money by investing. However, it is observed that many people who are already making a lot of money had their beginning making few investments and this way they were improving and earning more with each experience acquired.

Explaining better…

The myth we commented in the beginning of this text is very old, coming from the time when the investment in stocks was several tumultuous and loud talking auctioneers.

This is why it is so common to have perpetuated this myth until the present day that investing is not something easy and that it needs a lot of energy and superior technique to be done.

Nowadays it is not necessary to be a professional investor, it is possible to easily understand and evaluate which are the best companies to invest in using the right applications and tools.

Este artigo será interessante para você que procura dicas úteis, práticas, seguras e mais lucrativas para você.

We follow the explanations…

Can investing in stocks make me rich?Investment!

Yes, it’s possible! Investing in stocks is very profitable among the others, because it is a type of investment that has had high gains in the long term.

To put this to test and be sure why making an investment in stocks can make you rich, perform some tests simulating having started making an investment in previous years.

Let’s think that each of the information you get today, you had already received 4 years ago. Imagine you had started in 2017 to invest in Christian Dior (EPA:CDI)

See now in the demonstration graph the year 2017 in which you started your investments in this company. Now, look at the growth sequence to the right where it shows the evolution in the last 5 years and the stock price is up 73%.

ENXPTPA: CDI past and future earnings April 7th 2020

So now imagine that all this profit you would have earned if you had really made this investment.


It was possible to see that Christian Dior has great results lately, but will he remain in this high of his stocks? Investment!

Were you curious? You will be able to see the projections for the next years for this company through this FREE report with detailed analysis through infographies helping to make informed decisions and quality data. 

You may ask yourself now…how to anticipate the risks you might run when investing in this company?

So if you know what you are doing and using the right tools the risks will be circumvented and well reduced

How to reduce risks when investing?

Let’s go through some very simple ways to reduce these possible risks

1) Study
If you are looking to study and learn about the stock market, it will give you more security. It is important to point out that it is not necessary to take a degree in economics or thousands of courses about stock market.

Investing in stocks today is much more relaxed when you use the right tools allied to your studies on the market.

2) Diversify your investment 

Ideally, you should not buy all your shares in the same company.

Separate the companies by categories (oil companies, construction, energy and etc…)

In addition, try to invest in other modalities, outside the stocks, like the other more conservative investments such as fixed income.

Try to have income in fixed income and also in variable income, because having both helps you to grow in a fast and safe way.

Explaining better … When an income is in negative oscillation or other income will be oscillating positively balancing the balance and eliminating the risks.

3) Be patient to wait

The stock market has high valuation for long term investments. 

Understand more…

The stocks oscillate a lot in the short and medium term, as well as in the chart above the company Christian Dior . This means that you need to have peace of mind to see your money invested oscillating negatively in some moments and other periods.

You need to have a lot of tranquility to watch these negative oscillations!!! Otherwise do not invest in stocks.

Another point, be careful with these moments when your stocks oscillate negatively and you let the anxiety take care of you and go out selling them. 

Remember: You can earn from selling them today, but you may be losing out there when it starts to grow.

When you know that this company has a good basis to rise again, hold the anxiety, and so you will be building in the long term your assets and improving your knowledge.

There is an easy way to invest 

Yes, it’s very easy to invest and make it a routine 

As we commented above, the stock market is no longer that shouting with tumultuous people.

There are steps and auxiliary tools that make you gain time and more agility in your decisions and you can put them into practice quickly.

Below we will give you some tips, which are worth gold, so you can put your investment in shares in an easy and fast way.

Feeling unsafe to invest in the stock market? We will help you!

Here we will teach you in a very simple and easy way how to find stocks with HIGH POWER OF VALUE AND LOW RISK OF QUEDA, WITH SOME, mouse clicks, even if you are a complete layman on the subject

 What you will learn now is not taught in any MBA in finance. 

We believe that many people are interested in investing in stocks, but they end up postponing this decision because of fear or maybe insecurity. For this reason, we decided to put in this article and show you how simple and easy it is to use some exclusion criteria when deciding to invest with the help of some tools that we will explain below

Top 11 criteria to analyze before deciding to invest in a company’s shares

1. The market value is greater then $ 500 mns?

2. Do have any corporate governance level?

3. Current liquidity is greater than 1,5x?

4. Is the return on net worth (ROE) greater than 20%?

5. Is the Gross Debt / Net Equity ratio less than 50%?

6. Does it have growth in profits above 5% a.a. (last 5 years) ?

7. Do have constant profits in the last 5 years?

8. Have distributed Dividends in the last 5 years?

9. Is the Price/Value ratio (P/VPA) less than 2x?

10. The Price / Profit (P/L) ratio is less than 15x?

11. The average daily volume (21 days) is greater than R$ 1 million?

These questions above are related to the company’s performance , if it shows profits, if profits are increasing, if it distributes dividends consistently, if it has high debt, if it has corporate governance and so on…

The ideal is that the company you intend to invest meets at least 9 or more of the 11 criteria

This checklist was made for people who want to find stocks with high potential for appreciation and low risk of falling without having to study sinking on finances and investments and much less stay all day following the fluctuations of stock prices.

These criteria are for people who are looking for quick answers and don’t have time to waste thinking too much and want to see their money grow in a safe way taking as little risk as possible 

It is important to emphasize that these criteria above are recommendations that help you to have a lower percentage of risks, but it does not totally eliminate the possibility of some possible falls in stocks, due to the market being very dynamic.

Improve your trading or investment plan with these market tools

These tools below will help you make a better analysis of your investments and make more secure decisions

For those who wish to learn more about trading on the stock market at the best and biggest live trading academy in the world, consider taking these basic or advanced courses with the best mentors here.

The first that we will be the EASYMARKETS

This company has a great reputation, has many features for beginners, including a low freeze rate and offer cancellation.

On this platform it is possible to trade cryptomoeda, CFDs on commodities, stocks, forex and indices.

As an introduction we can say that it is a well regulated brokerage house, has a wide portfolio of assets and innovative trading tools

It is also important to stress that no brokerage house guarantees that you will not lose values, because acting in the CFDs forex market is susceptible to losses due to being a complex instrument.


It has 2 platforms of choice to operate, the first would be its own platforms that is simpler, lighter and easier to use. The featured features are DealCancellation, freeze rates, zero slip, fixed spreads, trading charts and internal viewer.

Featured features of Easymarkets own platform:

easymarkets investment

1. DealCancellation: easymarkets exclusive option that you can cancel a positioning within 1 hour, as soon as you have made the transaction.

2. Internal Viewer: it informs the amount of traders that are selling a certain item and also the amount they are buying.

3. Freeze Rate: As the markets are dynamic it is a very useful tool, because it allows you to freeze a value for a few moments. This option is exclusive to Easymarkets

Easymarkets Mobile Platform

It can be said that the mobile application has more resources than the Meta trader 4, as it has all the special features that Easymarkets offers. Furthermore, it has a practical interface to navigate, fast and super easy to use.


The second would be Meta trader 4 being a reference in trades, it is not necessary to download any program you can access it by logging into Easymarkets

This second platform is more used by more experienced and demanding traiders, because it is more customizable

Some unique features of the Easymarkets platform are not available on META TRADER 4, however standard features such as analysis, stop loss, negative balance protection, central trading indicators and take profit.


Markets easymarkets has enough assets and investments for you to choose from. However, it is important to highlight that not all of them will be available for your country. 

At the moment they have trading options in Forex, CFDs, Cryptomoedas, easytrade, vanilla options, Forwards, Currency pairs


Usually the commission value for Forex is low and they stay at the average of CFD trades

Spreads are fixed on the 2 platforms existing in easy markets

Spreads vary according to the account chosen the higher the deposit the lower the spreads reaching 0.1PIP

No additional commission is charged with leverage limited to 1:400, changes only if the country’s legislation has something different


t has protection tools, for negative balance and guaranteed Stop loss. Besides these, it has two other tools, dealcancellation and freeze rate, which help novice traders to make trading more transparent and easy.

Cysec has been a regulated company since 2007 and also ASIC since 2004, which are reputable regulators.

Client funds are held in accounts with reputable banks around the world.

Audits are constant by the companies that regulate it mapping risk areas in their operations and thus keeping it safe in their internal procedures.

It seeks to have extra coverage on the amounts deposited by its clients and other operating costs to ensure eventual economic oscillations 

Educational Material

It focuses on new traiders facilitating the initial deposit of $100, has a simple and lightweight platform helping beginners to quickly access the world of trading.

Traders also have a learning center that helps beginners to learn in their Easymarkets member area


You can also count on news about the market, daily video analysis from experts, personalized charts, updated currency rates, calendar all within the Easymarkets platform


Global service 24 hours a day by chat, email or phone.


It protects you from having a negative balance with the brokerage house, it also has a unique system called DealCancellation making it easy for you to cancel trades that are not being favorable to you for up to 1 hour after opening.


The other brokers offer between 40 and 60 currency pairs to trade already easymarkets surpasses in this aspect reaching 97 currency pairs. In addition, it offers bonuses of 20% limit of 2000 dollars for first deposit to countries other than the European Union


You can do tests with the DEMO account or already choose the other 2 real accounts, they are them:

Standard account and VIP account

Each account will give access to the account manager, educational material, technical reports among other standard analyses. All this included in these accounts at no extra cost.

The standard account minimum deposit is $100 and the spreads are only 3 PIPs low.

The VIP account minimum deposit is $2500 with very low spreads of 1pip, analyst support, faster withdrawal, speed of leverage, great for professionals who like the support of an expert.

The main difference between them is the minimum deposit amount and expert support in the VIP account.

The DEMO account can be used for up to 10 days or extended for longer if you make a request. This demo account is great for testing the easymarket platform for beginners or non-beginners.

Deposits can be made by credit card, neteller or through the skrill.

For those who wish to learn more about trading on the stock market at the best and biggest live trading academy in the world, consider taking these basic or advanced courses with the best mentors here.

zackstrade review
zacks trade


This brokerage house is headquartered in the USA and is a division of LBMZ Securities and regulated by SEC and FINRA which are first class regulators worldwide.

Zackstrade partners with Interactive Broker to facilitate its low-cost trading 

The rates of this platform are very low and no downtime rate, to have an idea the rates can be 1 cent per stock trade.

The company trades in many international markets in more than 200 countries

You get free access with live licensed brokers at no additional cost

If you are an active trader and a self-directed investor looking for low rates it’s a great platform

An interesting ZacksTrade resource for beginners has the support of a licensed broker and get negotiations with the broker done at no extra cost before they learn all the trading requirements. However, it is important to be a self-directed trader as consultants do not pass general investment advice. 

The platform provides testing by making virtual trades for demonstration, this is very useful for you to improve your trading of stocks, EFTs, funds, etc..

To register you must be 18 years old or older, accept clients of all nationalities, that is to say, it is open to more than 200 countries. 

The annual net revenue requirements for approval of your account are minimal for routine trading, already for day trading or margin trading, which are more speculative, the approval will depend on your individual annual net revenue.


The service is well praised for the speed and professional way they deal with their clients


Minimum account deposit is $2500 and with very low interest rates as well as favorable trading rates to grow the portfolio quickly.

Provides the Trade Pro account to high volume traders and counts with more detailed research and analysis.

For low volume or occasional traders you can choose the Zackstrade account, which also has several features 


You can trade on more than 92 exchanges in several countries among ETFs, options, mutual funds, stocks and bonds.


As mentioned above you can trade on more than 92 exchanges in several countries among ETFs, options, mutual funds, stocks and bonds.

The platform is very intuitive and easy to navigate

There are 4 trading platforms available:


Aimed at novice customers, with standard functions that allow you to make simplified negotiations among other functions.


This platform contains the most used resources by the majority of investors, but it does not have some tools that the Zackstrader Pro account has.

3- Zackstrader PRO APP

This platform has all the resources most sought after by the most demanding investors and those who trade in high volume.

The interesting resources are news, detailed and technical research and improved analysis, charts, watch list. In addition, you get information about each company, financial information, analyst ratings, analyst forecasts and some financial statements.

4 – Handy Trader

It can be used on cell phone or tablet, has most of the functions of zackstrader pro, it is perfect for Day trading and the most used for this function.


zacktrade is one of the companies that offers the lowest rates and interest rates in the industry in combination with its great features.

You have the chance to trade with a lot of markets with commissions much lower than other brokerage houses.

If you are a self-directed trader who only needs occasional advice on your trades, this platform is ideal for you. Remember that Zacktrade has a great differential in relation to other brokers because it offers free trading with the help of accredited brokers, but they restrict themselves in helping more technical questions about their trading.

Negociar com o apoio de Interactive Brokers não tem custo adicional. 

How to invest in stocks

For those who wish to learn more about trading on the stock market at the best and biggest live trading academy in the world, consider taking these basic or advanced courses with the best mentors here.

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