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How long to stay in Dublin

Although Dublin is a city as big as Paris, the city’s sights revolve around monuments, museums, parks, among other items.

Therefore, you may need a little more time to know more about this city, visited by many Brazilians and one of the most loved in Europe.

Try to take at least 3 days to be able to visit everything you need and get to know the best part of the city.


  • Trinity College: The Irish university founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592, as Ireland was still part of the United Kingdom, but as many children of nobles had to go to Paris or other European cities to receive higher education, the Queen took the initiative to create the university.
  • Old Library: It is the largest bookstore in all of Ireland with over 4.5 million copies.It was built in the 18th century and still conserves around 200 thousand old originals, kept in wooden covers.Unlike visiting the University, which is free, you have to pay to visit the library.
  • Dublinia: A museum that portrays the ancient history of the city. It tells from ancient and playful replicas how the life of the Vikings who invaded the region was like, as well as the various battles that took place, in addition to the types of weapons used.
  • Christchurch Cathedral: Built in 1038 as a wooden temple and in 1172 it was built of stone.In 1562 part of it fell and began to be rebuilt throughout the 17th century. Check beforehand to see if it’s open, as it sometimes closes for specific events or special services. It is considered one of the most beautiful in the city and is well worth the visit.
  • Guinness Brewery: One of the favorite shows for those visiting Dublin. The place is packed throughout the day.The building is interesting and you will have the chance to know the beer production process over time, even today. An interesting point of the tour is to go to the Gravity Bar which is on the top floor of the brewery and which gives you the right to grab a beer.The view of the city is very nice, but as well as the brewery the bar is also full, one more reason why we decided to go in the morning.
  • Kilmainham Gaol: The city’s former prison, which has now been turned into a museum. The place is full of interesting stories. It was also there that the film “Michael Collins” and “In the Name of the Father” were shot. In the latter, the lead actor was Daniel Day-Lewis, and to prepare for the character, he spent a few days “living” in his cell in Kilmainham Gaol, with film crew members throwing water at him and mistreating him.
  • Jameson Distillery: Place where the famous Irish whiskey is made, sold today all over the world. You can take the guided tour, as you will have interesting explanations about the creation process that has been going on since 1780. The place also has a restaurant and a bar. Toward the end of your visit, which usually lasts an hour or less, your guide will ask you who wants to join a game. It’s the blind whiskey tasting. At the end, participants receive a Jameson Tasting Certificate. All visitors can taste the Irish whiskeys at the end and therefore it is not recommended to book this visit early.

Where to eat in Dublin

  • Bunsen: Dublin’s best hamburger cuisine;
  • Bach 16: Pleasant atmosphere, good price, specializing in wines;
  • O’Neills Bar & Restaurant: Known for delicious food as well as music and excellent beers on sale.
  • Queen of Tarts: Sells pies based on local culture. It is always full of tourists, in the morning or in the afternoon.
Documents for traveling to dublin

Write down everything on your list about the documents you will need to be able to travel to Dublin:

  • Health insurance (some countries require);
  • A receipt that shows that you will be able to stay in the city during the period you intend to stay there;
  • Proof of the place you will be staying.
  • Proof of link with the country of origin, in this case Brazil;
  • Your round-trip tickets must be presented.
  • A passport valid for at least six months after the date of travel to Dublin;

After this post I’m sure you’ll be able to travel to the city with all your doubts resolved, but…

If you have any questions about the topic, leave a message in the comments space so that I can help you.

Big hug and until the next post.

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