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Rome – Easy and definitive guide for your trip to Italy

Rome, the capital of Italy, is among the most visited cities of the year, being one of the places that most influenced the whole world, whether in architecture, art and culture.

Known for its monuments, it may be that you are not really prepared yet or are in doubt about where to stay and what to do.

So discover all about Rome now with this easy guide for your trip.

Lets go?

Where and how long to stay

Choosing where to stay is always one of the challenges of travel, whether to facilitate travel or even to choose the hotel of your dreams.

To make your stay in Rome, Italy easier, first think about the following regions, and then look for hotels:

  • Historic center, the center of Rome is like other tourist cities: full of ease and possibility of attractions;
  • Trastevere, a quieter neighborhood a little away from the center, with several clubs and restaurants;
  • Termini Station, among the advantages of choosing hotels in this region is the easy access to several neighborhoods, even though it is a poorer area;
  • San Lorenzo, close to the station, is ideal for finding cheaper accommodation and a lot of bohemian life.

There are also other options for neighborhoods in Rome, such as Monti, Prenestino and Prati, the tip is to evaluate budget and tours.

As for how long to stay in Rome, it varies a lot according to your time.

The ideal is to stay for at least five days, with a super organized itinerary to make the most of it, even if it has attractions for more than a month.

The saying goes: “Whoever has a mouth goes to Rome”. Of the people I know who have a mouth, only 0.1% went to Rome… – Ronei Porto da Rocha

What to do in Rome – Main sights

Reaching the mark of almost three million inhabitants, Rome is a destination, to say the least, fascinating and enthralling.

After all, there are thousands of options for sights and attractions that every tourist can love, not to mention the typical nightclubs and restaurants.

To make your guide easier, among the main sights are:

  • Coliseum, the best known monument that has been the scene of fights and games;
  • St. Peter’s Basilica, designed by Michelangelo and other architects, capable of gathering more than 20,000 faithful;
  • Roman Forum, an area of constant research and excavation with squares and buildings over 2000 years old;
  • Fontana Di Trevi, fountain with sculptures that receives thousands of wishes a year; 
  • Pantheon, Roman church with tombs dating back to 118 AD;
  • Piazza, is a huge classic square that concentrates restaurants and bars;
  • Galleria Borghese, country house that features several Renaissance works from the 18th century. XV – XVIII.

As it is a historic area full of monuments, you also have other options that include chapels, gardens, museums, squares, among other historical attractions of Rome.

Where to eat in Rome, Italy

If you have that flea behind your ear when it comes to where to eat, know that Rome has a multitude of restaurants, typical or not, bars and street stalls so that no one goes hungry.

Among the most frequented places as well as considered affordable for the budget are:

  • Osteria Barnerini; 
  • La fata Ignorante; 
  • Osteria del Cavaliere; 
  • Cantina e Cucina; 
  • Estrobar; 
  • Duecentogradi; 
  • Felice; 
  • Da Cesare; 
  • Lo Zodiaco, between others.

Also, it is worth checking out the hotel buffet and the restaurants closest to where you are.

Traveling to Rome – Documentation Required

If you are already organizing your trip, separating the documentation is one of the essential and main tips to have a smooth trip.

One of the main documents that cannot be missing from your wallet is the passport, which must be up to date and valid for at least six months.

To travel to Italy on vacation, which means that you have a period of up to 90 days, which is the maximum for tourists, you will also need to take out life insurance. Emphasizing that the receipt must always be easily accessed.

At the same time, you may need to present your round-trip ticket and proof of accommodation.

In addition, it is ideal that you have a proven reservation, with a ticket or card statement, for example, of 65 euros for each day of travel.

All these documents, in addition to an updated vaccination card, must be part of your suitcase, as well as copies of your identification document.

This facilitates your visit to Rome, travel process and reduces the chances of any kind of problem during your dream vacation in Italy.


Finally, take this list of tips as your favorite guide to plan your trip right now to ensure you get the most out of every historic corner.

Thus, your trip will be full of emotions and positive feelings, with only cries of joy and a lot of sentimentality for each attraction.

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