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Amsterdam Known as the “Venice of the North”, Amsterdam is considered the most photogenic city in Europe. Here the season doesn’t matter. The beauty of the place is not lost among them, but is perpetuated.

Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank, the canals that surround the city, among other tourist attractions, become inviting for those who want the best.

You want to know all the details of how to make this trip, so read until the end.

How long to stay in amsterdam

The ideal period for you to stay for at least three to four days.

This period is ideal for you to go to the sights of the city without any hurry and if something unforeseen occurs you will be able to deal with it in the best possible way.

Being a city with several points including the Anne Frank house and other places like squares and woods that are worth visiting, if about someday you can enjoy.


  • Museum Square (Museumplein): The attraction is the sign I Amsterdam. (In December 2018, the city decided to move it so tourists would visit other parts of the city). However, even without the sign, the square remains an attraction. Here you will have access to the city’s three museums.
  • National Museum: Famous for the statues and the details from which they take their design;
  • Van Gogh Museum: where most of the artist’s works are located.
  • Stedelijk: It is a modern arts museum. The museum was closed for eight years to make a major renovation and reopened even more interesting.If you visit the city in winter, you will be surprised, the water mirror becomes a skating rink.
  • Anne Frank House: More than a million people pass through it annually.For this reason it is very important that you buy tickets in advance.If you can’t get tickets on the website, after 15:30 there’s a line of people who don’t have tickets and you can take chances in it, but patience is needed, as it is long.
  • Vondelpark: It is the most visited park in the city, 9 out of 10 city residents visit it once a year.The interesting thing about this place is that it changes over the seasons, its beauty is reborn. You will see at the entrance that it is not possible to enter with animals, as people are often lying on the grass, it is not hygienic.In 2017, sex was also authorized at the location, but this is not common, even after the approval of the city.
  • Boat trip: Take a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam, going to Centraal Station. You don’t need to make appointments, take the next boat that leaves. The tour takes about an hour.
  • A’dam Lookout: Have an amazing night and a privileged view of the night arriving in Amsterdam. Take the free ferry to Buiksloterweg at Centraal Station. Walk to the old Shell building. Ready. You came. There are more than twenty floors and a unique view.
  • Bike tour: There are several points in the city where you can rent them, prices start at €10. So you will have the option of walking freely or taking a guided tour, getting to know more about the city.
  • Red Light District: Famous neighborhood of the city. There, prostitutes stay in “windows” and dress in lingerie and wait for customers, night or day. Photographing or filming them is not allowed.

Where to eat in amsterdam

  • Gollem Brewery: the place is known for having several beer options, great atmosphere and Dutch food. Depending on the day you will be able to follow some live show. Make sure you follow the restaurant schedule on the website and make a reservation.
  • Moon: Located on the A’dam Lookout, Moon is known for good food and good service, plus, located at the top of the building, it gives you the chance to have a 360º view of Amsterdam. Reservations are required. If you decide to dine here, you don’t need to pay admission to A’dam Lookout.
  • Moeders: It is a traditional Dutch restaurant. His name in free translation is “mothers”. No accident. In addition to the charm of the place, the walls are surrounded by photographs of mothers who have been to the restaurant.
Documents to travel to Netherlands

Brazilian citizens will not need any visa if they have a valid passport to enter the Netherlands and the estimated travel time is less than 90 days.


After this post I’m sure you have all the information you need to make a great trip to Amsterdam.

But if you have any questions, please leave a message in the comments space so I can help you.

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