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You’ve packed your bags, ready to go to New York, but you still don’t know how long you’ll be staying, the necessary documents, and the best sights?

So you are in the right place…

In today’s post I will show you everything you need before traveling to Uncle Sam’s country.

Lets go?

How long to stay in new York

In three to four days you can get to know New York City in an interesting way, but in a quick way.

It’s true that you won’t be in such a hurry, but you won’t be able to calmly see each of the destinations you’re going to, obviously taking into account your itinerary and where you’re going.

An important tip, regardless of the amount of day you will be staying, is to wake up early, have an American breakfast (reinforced), put on comfortable clothes and obviously have a great script.


 Broadway – One of the most famous tourist spots in the entire United States, Broadway, the famous venue that hosts world-renowned theatrical shows.

Here happens the fall of the ball at the turn of the year and also the most famous shows in the world. Don’t miss the chance to get to know this point and have a lot of fun.

Central Park: This is the most visited place in the entire city and you need to see it too. Located in midtown Manhattan, it’s one of the biggest parks in the world and you’ll need some time to explore.

It will be common to walk and see people running, reading, sunbathing or walking dogs. Besides having lunch and having picnics with friends and family.

Remember that inside the park you can see several sights of the city, so save some time.

  • Empire State Building: Eternalized in the King Kong movie, it is one of New York’s best-known sights.

In this building you have the chance to see the city from above, having the chance to see museums, other buildings, the famous Central Park among other things.

Another building very similar to it is the famous Rockefeller, which is well worth the visit.

Statue of Liberty: There are several fun tours that take you by boat to the island of Statue. To get there it is necessary to buy the boat trip, which also leaves from Manhattan.

It is good to remember that some tours will only pass by the Statue for you to take a picture and on other tours they may pass by the island and tourists descend

Time Square: You can’t remember New York City and not remember the Time Square region. The avenue that never stops, no matter what time you pass by.

Sparkles, lights and lots of colors make the place a cinematic environment, besides of course the famous taxi cars, it’s really worth getting to know.

Here you can have lunch, visit the most famous stores in the city such as Forever 21, the Disney store, M&M’s, among others.

Where to eat in new york

Here I will give you several restaurants and the specialty of the house so that you can get to know and experience the best of American cuisine.

Let’s go?

  • Five Guys: House specialty in hamburgers;
  • Georgetown Cupcake: A confectionery specializing in cupcakes, the very famous cupcakes in Uncle Sam’s country;
  • Levain Bakery: Place specializing in Chocolate Cookie, considered the best in the world;
  • Mercer Kitchen: American food specialty;
  • Nathan’s famous: Specialized Hot-Dog;
  • Pershing Square: American breakfast specialty;
Documents for traveling united states

In order to get into the United States and travel to New York, there are three types of visas you can get. Tourist, student and work.

As the focus here is on tourism, let’s just mention it.

For you, Brazilians, it is necessary to obtain a tourist visa, including children, if they are also traveling with you. To get a visa, you must fill out form DS-160.

After that you will need:

  • Enter the official website of No Immigrant;
  • Create an account;
  • Enter a DS-160 confirmation number;
  • Complete the entire document return process;
  • Pay all requested fees for MRV, Nonimmigrant Visa;
  • Schedule an interview at the Consular Section that are located in São Paulo, Brasília, Recife and Rio de Janeiro;

After you finally show up for the interview on the set date, you should check the website for your visa status and then the delivery information.


After this post I’m sure you’ll be able to go to New York without any doubts and will have a lot of fun in the city.

But, if you have any questions about this topic, please leave a message in the comments space so that I can help you.

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