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What are the best action cameras that turn your travels into amazing video?

The best action cameras, these cameras are waterproof, have great stability on moving footage and you can shoot from various angles and with various effects.

TOP 3 best action cameras: GOPRO HERO 7, GOPRO HERO 8 BLACK AND the Gopro Max 360 are perfect for producing videos and photos of your trips.

Which cameras are most desired by travelers and adventurers?

Where can I buy GOPRO HERO7 cheaper and at a discount

the best action cameras
What are the main changes between Gopro hero 7 and Gopro Hero 8?


GoPro developed an excellent work with Gopro hero 7 and in continuation launched the new action camera Gopro hero 8 Black making some improvements.

See more changes between Gopro hero 7 and Gopro hero 8 in this video below:

 The main changes are the increase of stability, became more practical and easy to handle with the touch screen and consequently increased its quality. What are the best action cameras


With the enhanced HDR you can increase the picture quality in naturally lit photos with brighter colors without interference from direct sunlight.


It’s important to note that Gopro has an app for android and IOS that will make it easier to edit photos and videos because it’s super easy to use. You can even transfer videos via wi-fi for him.

gopro hero 7 or gopro hero 8

Another important point is that if you already have a previous gopro, as an example the gopro hero 4, the same battery of it can be used in this new version of gopro hero 8. 

With this you will have 2 batteries the old and the new battery of the gopro hero 8 which will help a lot if you intend to spend many hours spending the 2 batteries doing filming and photos.

It has a car battery charging accessory and also another accessory for double charging saving a lot of time.


One of the main changes were in its accessories such as the enhanced lighting with the flash light correcting the lighting, another interesting item is an extra screen that makes the filming of whoever is holding the camera turning it towards you, ideal for vloggers.

Where can I buy GOPRO HERO7 cheaper and at a discount?

It has the option of an extendable grip tripod with folding fingers to make your photos and filming much easier.

the best action cameras


An audio pickup has been added on the front with wind noise reduction and a selfies screen has also been added on the front. What are the best action cameras

The difference is that the gopro hero 8 black already comes with the built-in fitting system that you can fit on saddle sticks, bicycles, motorcycles and so on.

See in this photo below some of the accessories mentioned above from Gopro hero8

Gopro Hero 8 has 4 types of angles that can be changed during its use. In addition, its lens has gained a reinforcement and has much more resistance to collisions, according to information from the manufacturer.

In the water in the new gopro hero 8 black version it is no longer necessary to use the protective cap.

 However, even if it has this higher resistance, it is highly recommended to still use this cap, because even if it has a much more resistant lens glass it will be a big headache if you break it in some way.

HyperSmooth filming stability was enhanced in the new Gopro Hero 8 version, further improving the moving footage from the previous version with more adjustment options.

Improved wind suppression and audio optimization without the need for a microphone through professional quality audio.

Another improvement was TimeWarp 2.0 which makes the creation of videos of the photos taken in sequence, simulating the passage of time.

This function also exists in Gopro hero 7 known as “time lapse video”, but has been enhanced by automatically adjusting the recording speed based on movement, scene detection, and ambient lighting.

In addition, it is possible to reduce or increase the current time as it has a change icon on the rear LCD. 

Another point is that this world has improved lighting in night mode with the Night Lapse Video option.


The accessories or Mods optimize your audio features and can be easily connected to this new camera and are very useful for a youtuber to have a complete studio for his productions.

Among the Mods that stand out we have as the first one the folding rotary screen with built-in battery, the second one is a stand that adds a microphone, HDMI output and two structures that connect other accessories and the third one is the augmented lighting.

These Mods are sold separately at reasonable prices and are excellent for vloggers.

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In summary, Gopro hero 8 had perfect enhancements of its predecessor Gopro hero 7 with the high image, audio and video quality made possible by its intelligent processor, in addition to increased stabilization with HyperSmooth 2.0

Where to buy the cheapest Gopro hero 8 black?

New Gopro Max 360 degrees with incredible images and videos

Another release is Gopro MAX which has in its main functions the 360 degrees recording which makes it very easy for content creators to abaster their vlogs and create great videos 

It has a front display which makes it easy to see a preview of the recording, it has a super stabilization system MAX HyperSmooth further enhancing the images made in 360° recording 

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