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4 situations you should avoid in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul

Tips of what to avoid

This city has an enviable structure in relation to other tourist addresses in Brazil, Gramado is one of the most favorite places for tourists, even recently won the title of best vacation spot in Brazil in online research. However, it is necessary to make some filters so as not to be traumatized by this city…

Like every famous vacation spot, Gramado also has its holes that can be avoided to ensure a much less stressful experience.

Is there snow in Gramado?

Snow occurs on lawns, at a specific time and very rarely in large quantities, but due to strong advertising, and it has a cold climate and sometimes snow, it seems that people forget that it is also intense summer in Gramado.

One of the things that can seem very strange in the behavior of tourists in Gramado is an enclosed place that mimics a snow skiing area.

The curious thing about this is that people choose to stay huddled together in a place like this to see fake snow and the sun shining outside and with many other interesting and real attractions in nature to enjoy in Gramado.

This is a point that can be considered by some as a trick or a waste of time in Gramado, but each one with their own tastes…

Hot chocolate

The sky may be bluish outdoors in mid-morning at almost 30 degrees, but surprisingly you can see tourists with gloves and drinking hot chocolate in the streets…

Seeming anesthetized with the idea that Gramado is only cold and they forget that they are in Brazil and in the middle of summer. This fact is understandable to some extent since most of Gramado’s decoration conveys the idea of snow and very cold all year round.

Chaotic traffic

You have to really want to change the city of São Paulo bottled up for the high season holiday season in Gramado, this can be a bad choice

With scattered tourist attractions along the road that connects Gramado and neighboring Canela, the most famous vacation spot in the Gaucha mountains requires a car and a lot of patience, as tourists need to explore narrow streets clogged by unruly drivers.

Visitors to Gramado can give the impression of wanting to do everything the same and at the same time going to the same tourist places, shops, restaurants and, consequently, filling up everywhere.

The advice for you not to feel in a crowded place, avoid the week of commemorative dates like Easter or Christmas period, as the local population multiplies like rabbits.

The Famous Fondue Sequence

An Italian bread in a steaming cheese pan is certainly a wonderful thing for cold nights, but the values of this fondue sequence are reputed to be quite expensive in Gramado. Be prepared to spend a high amount of money per person or do some research beforehand.

For some people it may seem that Gramado focuses on showing tourists much more the closed environments, commercial and forgets the natural beauty of the region.

City of Museums

In fact, there is no Brazilian destination, with as many skills to invent a museum as Gramado. According to some international rules, the museum is a non-profit group with collections of historical and artistic values.
In this case, these “museums” would not fully fit these historical values. Also, pay attention to the values of the passports to go to these museums within the same package, as they can leave for very greedy prices

Finally, a tip for those looking for more affordable prices and outdoor natural landscapes is to explore much more the neighboring cities such as Canela and Nova Petrópolis, only 7 to 8 km away from Gramado.

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